..first cycle chic post from Ljubljana

Here we go with the first cycle chic contribution from Ljubljana to complement the world wide family. This blog is dedicated to world wide readers who are interested about the city of Ljubljana and my local people who want to contribute to promoting  cycling as a chic mean of daily transportation.


  • no spandex
  • no free-ride hard-core equipment
  • helmet only as fashion accessory
  • dress chic and with style when cycling
  • riding bicycle in sexy

Here’s the firs taste:  city was pretty much empty this afternoon, it was Saturday and…there wasn’t much chic cyclists.  I didn’t bother with those in spandex I met on my 20km or so trip to the centre.


Slow and city-click.


Trisome : Two girls and a bicycle.


Young man and an old bicycle. Who needed a rest ?


Cycling doggie style. In a basket.


SUV terror: since our bike lanes are major underdeveloped, people use heavy duty full suspended mountain bikes to fight their way trough Ljubljana. NOT !


4 responses to “..first cycle chic post from Ljubljana

  1. Good luck on your new site!

  2. can’t wait for the warmer weather… i was planning to visit Ljubljana when we were in venice and trieste… maybe next year.. keep up the blog!

    • urbanveloljubljana

      I hear you’re having a great cycling atmosphere also over there in Toronto!
      Hope to come around soon and meet an old friend.

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