My name is: Stevens City Flyer 2009 Customized

Here’s my black chic bicycle, everyday’s road dirt included. Nor sun,  nor rain can stop us from riding daily!

Depending on weather and temperature we’re commuting 5-40 km daily. Shorter distance are combined with my spaceous Renault Kangoo. We’re a real magic team!



8 responses to “My name is: Stevens City Flyer 2009 Customized

  1. Front dynamo hubs are the best! If only they made them to look more like the old style sturmey archer ones.
    Actually, i would really like a front dynamo and drum brake wheel ideally.
    Really nice bike you have!
    Looks like i have a very similar wheelset. I put them on an older style ‘cruiser’ frame. The rear is a 7speed internal. And, get this, the wheels were on an abandoned bike which i found outside my workplace. Good score no! 7speed nexus is pricey in the shops.
    …..moving to Lj in the next 2-3 weeks.

  2. Do you have good feedback about the bike? I’m looking for a new bike and the city flyer is one of my choices but I can’t find any reviews online… Thanks!

    • urbanveloljubljana

      It runs and rides great, a bit hard because you ussualy run on high pressured tires and, ofcourse, because it’s alu frame.
      But with all extras on board , including 2 locks topping 3kg together it’s not that featherlight as it reads from the catalougue.
      Anyway, I regulary annoy road reacers in lycra when I’m returning home, becauce I keep the pace with them, together with a notebook bag on the side of the rear rack. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I think I’ll go with it. It’s a bit more expensive to get in Canada but the test drive really convinced me. It really felt like the bike “city flyer” deserved its name 😉

  4. Hi there,
    I am thinking of getting a city bike +.
    + Meaning not only city, but also the commute and the occasional tour, kind of like you are using your city flyer. I did test-ride the pure city flyer 2010 in my local bike store, and it was a great ride. This thing is fast and direct and circles the corners like mad. I liked it. Now you have loaded this pure thing with 3kg of additional stuff, including the front wheel dynamo, and I would like to know whether this has a major impact on the feeling when you ride it. I am still struggling whether I want to load it up (+ always the light with me, no hassle; – weight and price; I already have portable lights, but I tend to forget them, or batteries are not loaded…). So would you say that all the stuff you loaded it up with makes it a different bike?

    • urbanveloljubljana

      fenders and rack add very little extra weight, a bit more hub dynamo + lights. The biggest extra waight is the Abus lock (on the down tube) and another chain lock for extra safety, both together almost 4 kg. If you add a loaded laptop bag on the rear rack, you’re in the neighbourhood around 20 kg + !
      You don’t fell all that extra weight until you try to lift the bike e.g. and carry it over a few steps. Then you notice how heavy the rear end has become. But bikes still handles very well in action because of a bit longer wheel base and fast rolling tires. BTW, just yesterday morning I hit a pothole which teared and blasted up my rear tire. Unfortunately Schwalbe Marathon Supreme has very thin sidewalls and that’s where they are very vounerable. I had no flats for 2.000 km and now it has ripper up it side…Mine is now pretty much very customised and the only thing I would also change is the handlebar. For fast riding longer distances ( in the summer I ride 20km-on-way-commutes )the position is a bit too upright. The issue could be solved with a drop bar which enables different position, but then you have to combine right parts (brake lever, brakes, shifter..) which doesn’t come cheap.
      On the bottom line, it serves its purpose and it serves it very vell.. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the reply.
    So, all in all, you would say that the bike still has the same fast feeling even with all your stuff mounted? In particular, the hub dynamo doesn’t kind of make the steering less immediate due to added inertia?
    I am still struggling, my local dealer has a 58 cm city flyer that feels perfect. I also tried a 55 cm Diamant saphir 125 edition, which has all the stuff already installed. It has a carbon fork, but still feels less agile than the city flyer – it might just be the heavier tires (schwalbe marathon for the diamant). I am a bit doubtful about the carbon fork, I still don’t trust that stuff, I would always fear it breaks…
    Anyways, would you mind telling me the exact parts you mounted? I gather it’s the touring kit from stevens for rack and fenders, but what kind of hub dynamo and lights?

    • urbanveloljubljana

      I didn’t use Stevens package. The list would go something like this:
      SKS Chromoplast fenders
      Topeak touring rear rack
      Original 45T chain ring was replaced with 44T from FSA to fit Hebie’s Chainguard
      Dynamohub comes from Shimano (not sure which model exactly)

      I don’t feel heavy front hub effects the steering, you just feel more drag when you turn on the lights.
      Stock bike is fairly light and agile but with all aditions it serves me better.
      Chainguard is one of the best things and keeps my pants away from grease.
      Personaly I would avoid carbon on day-to-day bike. I don’t think carbon products on this kind of bike would work on longer run. I would always be on a watch for an unexpected brakedown. And there is no point having carbon fork on such bike. Unless you are a weightweenie.. 😉 But then you would also leave your bike lock at home.

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