My name is: Stevens City Flyer 2009 Customized

Here’s my black chic bicycle, everyday’s road dirt included. Nor sun,  nor rain can stop us from riding daily!

Depending on weather and temperature we’re commuting 5-40 km daily. Shorter distance are combined with my spaceous Renault Kangoo. We’re a real magic team!


Three on a bicycle

From time to time you get to see a happy familly like this, all together on one bike.

It’s not the destination, it’s all about the trip.


Spring is just around the corner

I stopped at the city beach the other day to have cup of coffee and to enjoy a layed-back-urban-Sunday-pulse. My Blitzer was leaning against the tree, when a young lady comes around a puts her bike on the other side of the tree, so bikes met each other with their wheels. The other bike was pure city cruiser with a very chic small detail: a ladybird on the steering tube.

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Curse of SUV hype

More I’m observing bicycles rolling around Ljubljana, more I see that SUV hype is here in full effect.  But than again, this could be because we are very sporty people.

Very offten people wear trainer suit (think of  Ali G style ) just to go for a drink to the riverside ( aka beach ) , even if they don’t even practice sports.

Here’s one example of our cafe racer:


Where did all those classic bicycles from communist times go ?

I bet there are thousand laying in basements and sheds. At least I see piles of them every time local cleanig service is picking up old stuff, that people prepare infornt of their houses and is then taken to the junkyard.

Yeah, those year, long before mountainbikes , were much more cycle chick. Our local bicycle producer ROG even had a model called Holland. And don’t label me commy-nostalgic.

Cycling chic with Loddelina

Here are some chic bags that can be hanging on the handlebar of your bicycle. They are hand made and mostly one-of-a-kind. Get yourself an origial one, special wishes could apply.



CYCLE CHIC Fashion Show

Put together bicycle, fashion and style.  read more about it at CYCLE CHIC Fashion Show .

..first cycle chic post from Ljubljana

Here we go with the first cycle chic contribution from Ljubljana to complement the world wide family. This blog is dedicated to world wide readers who are interested about the city of Ljubljana and my local people who want to contribute to promoting  cycling as a chic mean of daily transportation.


  • no spandex
  • no free-ride hard-core equipment
  • helmet only as fashion accessory
  • dress chic and with style when cycling
  • riding bicycle in sexy

Here’s the firs taste:  city was pretty much empty this afternoon, it was Saturday and…there wasn’t much chic cyclists.  I didn’t bother with those in spandex I met on my 20km or so trip to the centre.

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